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WFTDA - Womyns Flat Track Derby Association

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2019, Two awesome fab Roller Derby communuties by Star Saintly
2019, VRDL Poem by Star Saintly Tuesday 16 July 2019.
2019, VRDL racists and bullies.
2019, Women Flat Track Derby Associaton - WFTDA
2018, The Gender Ending Story - a non WFTDA roller derby group
2018, Northside Rollers - NSR
2017, Victorian Roller Derby League - VRDL

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7.VRDL Two awesome fab Roller Derby communuties by Star Saintly.
Sunday 21 July 2019

Roller Derby Is A Toxic Cult

Earth Roller Derby Buy Sell Swap

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6.VRDL Poem by Star Saintly Tuesday 16 July 2019.

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5. VRDL trying to destroy an online Roller Derby community I Admin.

Executive summary:
VRDL are bullying me and don't care who they hurt in our community.

Wednesday 10 July 2019

The following is a copy of my NOTICE at a Roller Derby community I Admin.


Roller Derby is seldom without drama and the following affects our community.

Brief background:

I have been a member here for about three years. In June 2019 I decided to give away, sell roller derby gear I no longer needed.

While I was here, I was offered the position of Admin.

After considering this, I accepted.

This community began some six years ago, and the founder left after a couple of years. The community then saw different admins and now I am the admin.

I am doing my best to make this a great community for all.

Unfortunately the past few days there have been slanderous accusations made against me.

I have been verbally abused, bullied, harassed and vilified over alleged screenshots that claim I am a racist and such like.

The primary people behind this are VRDL, Victorian Roller Derby League.

The screenshots circulating are out of context, do not show the entirety of the discussions and conveniently ignore the African American and Asian persons who have also contributed to the discussions.

The discussions were race, culture and such like. It was discussions that adults with an intellect have, and this has been taken totally out of context with the intent to bully me.

There are people here sending messages, with all sorts of lies, asking you to leave.

So if you want to leave, feel free.

For my part, I will continue to do my best for this community as Admin.

There is no racism or bullying here ... I would never allow such.

It is ironic that VRDL admit that they are racists, and go about calling other people racists.

I am not a racist, but believe what you want to. I don't care.

If you want to stay, then lets make this community work, and if you want to leave, then no hard feelings.

What I find really disappointing is the duplicity of VRDL.

Sad, as there are many awesome persons in that league, but they are like a ship adrift on the ocean ... they lack proper leadership.

Sound, steady as she goes leadership, which is how this community is being run.

Thank you for reading this, thank you if you decide to stay, and best wishes if you decide to leave.

Star Saintly

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4. WFTDA toxic, cult like organisation poisoning the well of truth and integrity.

Executive summary:
Classification: Cult like sporting organisation.

WFTDA - Women Flat Track Derby Association discriminate against trans womyn Star Saintly.

To recap: Star Saintly was a low ranked Roller Derby skater at NSR and she admins the online Trans Voices, community. Star Saintly expressed the view at Trans Voices that trans is binary, femyl or male.

An unknown high ranked skater at NSR then lodged an anonymous formal complaint against Star Saintly, stating they got offended reading at Trans Voices, that Trans is binary, femyl or male.

NSR then repeatedly demanded that Star Saintly appear before a hearing on Monday 3 September 2018, a three member panel of the NSR executive committee to answer for her behaviour. NSR were planning to use the hearing to terminate the membership of Star Saintly.

Star Saintly chose to leave NSR before the hearing, as it was obvious that she was being discriminated against and not wanted. Star Saintly is a womyn who is actually trans.

Star Saintly lodged a formal complaint against NSR with WFTDA, the peak Roller Derby organisation and on Saturday 1 June 2019, WFTDA gave their curt reply.

WFTDA are in denial of what happened, find that NSR did no wrong, slander and patronize Star Saintly.

1. Quote WFTDA: "NSR ... made multiple attempts to mediate the situation in a measured and professional manner."

WFTDA you cannot be serious? You think that repeated demands to attend a "three member panel of the NSR Executive Committee" with the power to instantly "terminate membership", is measured and professional mediation?

2. Quote WFTDA: "The committee did not find any evidence the Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf was forced to resign from the league, although Chrisentiae was in violation of many of NSR's policies."

WFTDA you know perfectly well that NSR do NOT deny their intention to terminate membership, so why the charade?

WFTDA you also know perfectly well that NSR never heard any case against Star Saintly, and therefore your assertion that "violation of many of NSR's policies" is not only slanderous, but also totally dishonest of you.

3. Quote WFTDA: "may have caused confusion and pain for the grievant"

WFTDA, your hubris and contempt, patronizing attitude is reprehensible.

Conclusion: When I lodged the formal complaint with WFTDA, against NSR for discrimination, I expected at least some semblance of professional investigation, fair consideration, and well articulated decisions. I got none of that.

Instead WFTDAs handling of this matter is false, adversarial, slanderous, arrogant, and in sum, totally unbecoming of what one should expect of a peak body of Roller Derby.

WFTDA have publicly disgraced themselves, and their unacceptable cultist like behaviour is exposed for all to see.

NSR had NO RIGHT to judge a womyn who is trans, for her views on what it is to be trans. That she made online in the trans community that she admins. This is an outrageous abuse of power by NSR. It is also totally outrageous that WFTDA defend and support such blatant discrimination and hatred.

WFTDA led Roller Derby is a toxic sport, run by people who think that roller skating somehow gives them the right to mistreat vulnerable and marginalised persons, as evidenced here. It is disgraceful behaviour that needs to be exposed and condemned. It needs to STOP !

Discrimination and hatred have NO place in sports, including Roller Derby.

WFTDA, I rebuke you !!!

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3. REVIEW: The Gender Ending Story - a non WFTDA roller derby group.

Executive summary:
Classification: A trans HATE group.

The Gender Ending Story, roller derby group was founded in 2018 with the claim that they are trans, and trans inclusive. Three of their member skaters are trans hating. Their behaviour is featured here with the reviews of VRDL, Victorian Roller Derby League, and NSR, Melbourne Northside Rollers.

Two of their VRDL skaters mistreated a womyn who is trans over several months, between August and November 2017, including literally lying in writing, about her assessment. When she lodged a formal complaint to the VRDL Executive Committee about her discrimination, she was forced to leave.

One of their NSR skaters used their influence to remove a fellow NSR member who is femyl and trans. They lodged a formal complaint with the NSR Executive Committee in August 2018, with the claim that their feelings were hurt when they read at Trans Voices, FaceBook, that trans is binary, femyl or male.

This anti-trans behaviour by three members of the roller derby group, The Gender Ending Story, is who the group are. What you do, is who you are.

By refusing to defend womyn who are trans, and associating with trans hating behaviour, The Gender Ending Story was classified as a trans HATE group, by Trans Voices, on Thursday 6 September 2018. This is not a permanent classification and is open to review, if they genuinely change their behaviour.

Hate is a choice.

The Gender Ending Story group name is a mockery of trans rights, dignity, and respect.

Trans HATE Group:
The Gender Ending Story

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2. REVIEW: Northside Rollers (NSR).
Discrimination against a womyn who is transgender, for having the view that trans is binary, femyl or male.

NSR Score:
Accountability: 0/10
Honestly and Integrity: 0/10
Facilities, eg track: 9/10
Technical training: 10/10
Recommend to friends: NO.

NSR review, executive summary:
Vindictive, hostile, adversarial, hypocritical, and unprofessional behaviour by Northside Rollers President and Executive Committee in dealings with a member, Star Saintly (roller derby name), who is femyl, lesbian and trans.

Communication occurred between Trans Voices, a recognised trans advocacy group of many years and a newly formed roller derby group that claimed to be trans and was soliciting money through donations, The Gender Ending Story. Trans Voices began their investigation of this group as no one in the group publicly identified as trans. It was stated at Trans Voices that trans persons are binary, femyl or male.

According to the Northside Rollers President and Executive Committee, a member of NSR who they refused to identify lodged a formal complaint against the view that trans persons are binary, femyl or male.

Northside Rollers advocated that this matter is within their jurisdiction as the unknown member and also the administrator, Star Saintly, of Trans Voices were both members.

Northside Rollers demanded that Star Saintly present herself for a mini-trial by a three member panel of the Executive Committee, where Termination of Membership was on the table.

Star Saintly refused to participate in what she viewed as a witch hunt and asked in writing if she was free to continue to skate with Northside Rollers. There was no reply with this time sensitive question and therefore her membership became untenable and she left.

These are all facts, and below is a full transcript of Star Saintly defending herself against Northside Rollers.

The matter then evolved to external legal actions by Star Saintly and Trans Voices in a matter of transgender discrimination by Northside Rollers, the President and Executive Members:

President SuzzSpender

Executive Committee 2018
Flustered Tart
Liz Mutineer
Bumpy Skate Princess

Thursday 30 August 2018
Full Transcript


"The complaint has been made from one NSR member regarding the online comments you posted in connection to their involvement as a skater representing NSR in the Gender Ending Story team."

- Where is there proof that this occurred? A screenshot will suffice.

"The formal complaint has come from a level 4 skater at NSR. This skater competed in the team and considered that they represented NSR during the tournament"

- I was not advised of this claim previously.

3. Addressing the Formal Complaint from the unknown NSR member.

"Saintly's posts make a variety of statements"

- Yes. This is part of communication, we all do it.

"but what mainly concerns me is the stance that excludes non-binary identities from identifying as transgender"

- Transgender is by definition binary, femyl or male. That is the whole point of being trans. If a person does NOT identify as binary, they may be queer, gender queer, gender fluid ... these recognised groups have their own flag.

- This individual is clearly confused about the terms, it happens. Instead of being upset, they should do some research and find that which best represents them.

- It is important to note that WFTDA is a womyn ONLY sporting group. Therefore if a person does indeed identify as being male, trans, then that is NO DIFFERENT to a male cis.

- The correct self identification of this individual appears to be the real issue. I did NOT create these well recognised groups, but they do exist and they do serve a function.

- At NO TIME have I singled out any individual ... I always talk in broad terms of the well establish rainbow identities.

"This isn't an uncommon stance but it's incredibly hurtful, it pushes gender diverse people out of spaces, conversations and support groups and leads to feelings of isolation and being unwanted. It makes people hesitant to access resources and distrustful of communities. This has not been my experience at NSR, but I have been exposed to similar rhetoric in other areas during the very early formative coming out phase and I can't begin tell you how destructive it was. I'm incredibly grateful for the support and solidarity I've experienced at NSR, I desperately want other people to see NSR for the accepting and kind community I know it to be. For this reason I'd like to file a formal complaint."

- This is not a complaint, but background. Should I even comment? Well given that the individual has decided to share such, I will address such, if nothing else, other than to provide them for some things to consider. I normally would NEVER give an opinion on such without express wishes to do so.

"This isn't an uncommon stance but it's incredibly hurtful"

- The "stance" is the well recognised definition of what trans is. It is what it is. It is not a stance. It is a grouping of population. There are other groupings that seem more relevant to this individual.

"it pushes gender diverse people out of spaces"

- No it doesn't or it shouldn't. Confusion about self identity expression happens. Indentiy can also be fluid. There is no right or wrong, but that said, definitions do exist and trans persons ARE binary. This is not open for reinterpretation, as to do so would require the removal of other existing groups/definitions.

My view about spaces is one or INCLUSION. I share these sentiments, but not the context in which they have been expressed.

"conversations and support groups and leads to feelings of isolation and being unwanted"

- To follow on from 3.3.2, again, this is not something I support. I advocate inclusion.

"It makes people hesitant to access resources and distrustful of communities."

- I agree. Discrimination and exclusion are very harmful. Such is representative not of the higher ideals of humanity, but of the base instincts and ignorance about what it means to be human. Our civilisation is basically barbaric ... for if we were civilised, this would not be an experience, but rather a history lesson.

The "normal" in terms of human ... means a rainbow of diversity.

All of these matters are what Trans Voices represents and advocate ... although the name is "Trans Voices" it is also very much a radical feminist philosophy too. A taking back of WBW with the civilised interpretation that "every womyn is beautiful". We also seek to address the patriarchy of language ... but now I am digressing too much.

"This has not been my experience at NSR, but I have been exposed to similar rhetoric in other areas during the very early formative coming out phase and I can't begin tell you how destructive it was."

- If this person is referring to trans persons being binary, then one need only do some research to see that that is the case. Again, to be non binary, is to be a different recognised group. This is a reality. I did not create this.

"I'm incredibly grateful for the support and solidarity I've experienced at NSR, I desperately want other people to see NSR for the accepting and kind community I know it to be."

- Ummm, okay :P

"For this reason I'd like to file a formal complaint."

- Trans is binary. Like to be Australian means to inhabit, be seen as from Australia. Like a bird has feathers, and lays eggs. Words have recognised meanings, otherwise we would be in a constant state of insanity.

That this individual at this time likes to identify with the term "trans" while by their own definition are something more like "gender queer", appears to be the complaint, the only complaint.

I hope that my above response and with some research on their own initiative, they are able to get a better understanding of how they refer to themselves. Being "trans" and being say "gender queer" or "cis" or whatever, are just terms. Important terms, but none the less just part of speech.

I would think that looking at definitions is the best way to correctly identify, and then embrace the term.

"I believe the social media policy has been violated, she states that no one on the team "self identifies as trans", that people on the team are anti-trans"

- I want to see a screenshot of this as evidence.

It is a fact, that no one in the publicly listed team chose to put down "trans" as an identity. As I am part of Trans Voices, naturally this raised concerns at the time.

Yes, two members on The Gender Ending Story have a history of being anti-trans. I know this from personal experience. I was absolutely shocked when I saw them there. Given their past treatment of a trans person, and yes I am raising concerns, and will continue to do so. I don't like people who harm trans persons.

"and that we're confusing people with regards to the definition of trans which is harmful to trans people as it is disinformation. I was on the team and I identify as trans."

Yes, waving trans flags, and using trans colors, and then no one says they are trans is a concern. Again, as a member of Trans Voices, this is a matter that was a concern. Since been clarified.

This individual is using one term and a different definition. Trans means binary. There is no debate to this. It is what it is. Non binary is NOT trans.

If the individual is trans, then they are male, and given WFTDA is femyl, then this requires to be addressed. If this individual is non binary, then they are NOT trans and should use a term that is recognised for the type of non binary that best applies to them.

At some stage this individual got wrong information, or confusing information about what trans is and is not. Over time, this has become the understood meaning, however, it is a mistaken understanding. Trans is very clearly defined at binary, femyl OR male.

"Throughout the tournament and my coming out process these people have been nothing but supportive and kind.

- Ok, I am happy for you.

"Non-binary identities are widely accepted as tran"

- NO they are NOT.

"and require many of the same resources and supports as binary trans identities, excluding us from the definition of trans is harmful."

- NO !!!

- Trans persons are typically on hormone replacement therapy, change their registered sex to their correct sex, and also are distinctly femyl or male.

For example, I am a femyl who is trans and every three days I need to apply a new estrogen patch ... I need to do this for the rest of my life. My Australian passport has F for femyl. Conversely males who are trans typically have "t" testosterone, do top bandaging, and frequently have drives to save money for top surgery ... about $10,000 Australian.

If this individual wishes to use the term "trans" and have the definition more closely match being "non binary", then that is up to them.

I view trans as binary, for that is what it is.

There are flags for non binary, a number of flags as non binary is diverse. Trans is precise, binary.

I will continue to articulate what it is to be trans. Non binary persons are NOT trans ... they are, non binary.

As this matter relates to an event outside of NSR with a different roller derby group, with NO visual or written connection to NSR, I do not see any legitimacy in the claim by NSR that this is related to NSR and that you therefore have jurisdiction to hear this matter.

You are welcome to present evidence along the lines of "an authorised NSR event", "a sponsored NSR event" or such like. I saw nothing like this at The Gender Ending Story Facebook page.

At no stage has the complainant reached out to express their concerns. They had every opportunity to do so through various means, over several days, including the NSR official forum. The complainant, a Level 4 skater at NSR would know, would be expected to know and practice good communication.

There was no, "Hi Saintly, do you have a moment. I need to chat about something that concerns me." Nothing. No attempt at communication!

The preferred choice of action by the complainant was not a friendly chat with a fellow NSR member, but rather a formal complaint.

A formal complaint with the full knowledge that such implies. Is this an action of a friendly person, I think not.

It is a hostile action.

An action one would reserve as a final recourse, when all else had failed. Not as a first response, which was what the complainant chose to do.

The complainant goes on and on about their feelings and how important it is to be understanding, to be inclusive, to be heard and treated fairly. Do the actions of the complainant express such ideals towards others or should such only apply to themselves? Surely such a person so in tune with decency and harmony would understand that at least trying to communicate is the right thing to do ... even if such were to fail, at least they tried.

No, not this complainant ... straight to a formal complaint.

A complaint of 248 words, when 1 would have sufficed, "Hi!"

These are the decisions of the complainant. These actions I argue, are far more relevant to character than their words. Words I agree with in part. In all of the 248 words, at no stage did the complainant make any attempt to see things from my perspective as representing Trans Voices. Their entire focus was internal, on themselves. Compare that with my reply above, and the several times I agree with the complainant about acting properly towards others.

The complainant wants to be treated properly, but has not demonstrated such an attitude in this matter towards me.

Motivation of the complainant goes to their intention and reflects where their actual sincerity is. No attempts at communication and in the complaint, no attempt to understand a differing point of view.


This matter is NOT about the complainant. It is a matter between Trans Voices and The Gender Ending Story roller derby group. The complainant has merely taken offence and acted with hostile intent, as evidenced by what they did.

The Gender Ending Story roller derby group chose NOT to discuss concerns, instead, choosing to close all communication. Not much that can be meaningfully added to that.


NSR interjection.

So a matter between Trans Voices and The Gender Ending Story roller derby group, nothing to do with the complainant, they are unknown. No individuals were ever mentioned. This matter that has nothing to do with NSR, which is a roller derby league, separate and distinct from The Gender Ending Story roller derby group.

This matter is being raised on the basis that the person in charge of Trans Voices, who is a member of NSR, is in breach of whatever NSR cobbled together grounds they wish.

Did NSR at any stage suggest to the complainant to have a friendly chat? If not, why not?

On the face of it, it has been the agenda of NSR over the past two days, from when the notice of formal complaint was first communicated, to have what they are calling a "meeting". A meeting with 3 NSR executive committee members to sit in judgement of a matter that has NOTHING to do with NSR.

NSR claim this meeting is harmless, a friendly chat, but surely such would be more convincing if it came from the complainant.

NSR have chosen to quote large swaths of text from their rules to justify their behaviour, but insist they are not being menacing.

Nothing like a friendly chat with 3 EC NSR members, so much more "friendly" than a "Hi" from the complainant.

The reality is twofold:

On the one hand, this matter could have been handled much better. It wasn't. It isn't. I have always been open to a friendly chat.

It is a matter that does not involved NSR ... the matter is between Trans Voices and The Gender Ending Story roller derby group.

On the other hand, nothing is preventing NSR from doing what they want to do. Interpreting their rules to claim authority over another roller derby group in a matter that clearly has nothing to do with them.

Given that interpretation, NSR will do what they want, with or without me attending their hearing.

Well I have done nothing wrong. I am entitled to my opinion that trans is binary. This is NOT a crime.

NSR need to understand that there exist anti-discrimination laws that protect recognised trans persons such as myself.

If it is the intent of NSR to punish me for expressing my view that trans is binary, there is nothing I can do to stop that.

I decline to be judged by the NSR EC 3 member panel on this matter for the reasons stated above. I therefore do not consent nor will I participate in your mini-trial.

If it is communication that you want, the complainant always had and still does have, that choice.

On Monday 3 September 2018 I plan to attend NSR and continue my training. I have done nothing wrong and should NOT be punished.

The End.

[UPDATE: Friday 31 August 2018 - Star Saintly left Northside Rollers]

NSR membership has become untenable.

Friday 31 August 2018

Dear Northside Rollers President and Executive Committee,

I have contacted the treasurer per below to request a full refund of my September 2018 membership and I trust this will be processed without delay.

Please be aware that you are currently under investigation with the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission. This is just the first stage of legal proceedings that you will face,

President SuzzSpender

Executive Committee 2018
Flustered Tart
Liz Mutineer
Bumpy Skate Princess

It is unfortunate that you chose to interfere in a matter that is between Trans Voices and The Gender Ending Story roller derby group.

You were repeatedly cautioned, but chose to ignore such.

As a result of your decisions, the legal consequences you will face are your own doing, not my intention at all.

I was perfectly happy with NSR.

For the record, trans is binary, femyl or male.

I hope you feel your actions are worth all of this.

I have no animosity towards you, and the legal proceedings are merely formalities ... Trans Voices is an advocacy community, as you are about to experience.


Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf
Star Saintly

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1. REVIEW: Victorian Roller Derby League.

VRDL Score:
Accountability: 0/10
Honestly and Integrity: 0/10
Facilities, eg track: 6/10
Technical training: 10/10
Recommend to friends: NO.

VRDL review, executive summary:
Unqualified and under-qualified people in positions of power, abusing positions of power, with little to no transparency and accountability. Acting inappropriately, including talking down to others, demanding demeaning tasks, refusing to be open and accountable, acting unprofessionally. Repeated unwanted sexual advances #MeToo, demeaning comments about femyl skaters, predatory behaviour. Feigning ignorance, impartiality, being friendly.

2017 YEAR IN REVIEW, with the world # 1, Number One Roller Derby league, VRDL, Victorian Roller Derby League:

The Victorian Roller Derby League, VRDL, is a relatively large organisation, in Roller Derby terms, and is not homogeneous in terms of quality.

On the one hand, in 2017 VRDL players became the Number 1 ranked Roller Derby team in the world, through hard work and high level skills.

On the other hand, there are inept and incompetent personalities, some sadistic, those who abuse positions of power. This contrasts starkly with those that don't act anything like this ... are friendly, encouraging, and awesome persons.

So why does such toxicity exist at all?

The simple answer is that some persons are unsuited for the authority and or responsibility that they have. This manifests often in poor and harmful decisions, petty behaviour, and negativity, even hostility. In short, a toxic environment and experience.

So onto specifics.

In 2017 I participated in three VRDL programs, one Fresh Meat and two Learn To Derby.

The first term, Fresh Meat, lasted about 3 months and was a positive experience. I learned heaps and had an awesome time.

The second and third terms were 3 months each and were an ever worsening negative experience. This negative experience included being treated like dirt ... there really are too many examples to relate and too much context is required to present such in a meaningful manner. Suffice it to say, we all know what it is like to be treated like dirt, unpleasant as it is.

At the end of the second term, Learn To Derby, I did the WFTDA Minimum Skills assessment and was failed. I could have been passed. My written assessment included the promise of one more term of Learn To Derby and then I will be passed to D Squad.

Three months of hard training pass, I did the WFTDA Minimum Skills again, and passed everything comfortably ... the result, I was failed. I was invited to do the term yet again.

To make a long story short, I was discriminated against. When I contacted the VRDL Executive Committee they ignored that I had passed the WFTDA Minimum Skills, they ignored the VRDL promise of being passed after one more term, and they told me to leave and never come back.

I left the VRDL, Victorian Roller Derby League.

My skating skills are awesome. I volunteered dozens of hours for the VRDL over 2017 and spent a lot of money, including buying heaps of VRDL Merch (merchandize).

Would I recommend VRDL to a friend ... sadly NO.

I would however recommend this friendly and inclusive Roller Derby Facebook group:

Roller Derby Heroines xo

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