Rainbow Gurl - LGBTIQ arthouse film, starring Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf
released Friday 8 January 2016

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How to treat a womyn ...
... males leave lesbian womyn alone ...

Guys ... how to treat a womyn who identifies as transgender

1. R E S P E C T ... like the song. STOP watching porn dude, because womyn are NOT like that at all!

2. If you introduce yourself politely and she replies with words to the effect, "I am a lesbian", LEAVE! Go buy a dictionary if you have to, because unless you are femyl she is NOT interested. Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf is a LESBIAN ... womyn ONLY !!!

3. My body is NONE of your fucking business! If she opens a conversation about herself, then and only then the topic may be respectfully discussed within HER limitations that she sets.

4. NO. Learn what it means and do NOT harm womyn!

5. Taking advantage of womyn due to their financial need makes you among the worst kind of human being. Just remember that next time you think you can buy womyn!

6. If you are a medical professional claiming to help womyn, then do NOT tell womyn what to do and demand us to be sexually interrogated ... you sick bastards - "sadistic, traumatising and unprofessional"

7. Gurl, yes being a TERF makes you patriarchal, you are the worst of what you claim to hate so stop it now! ALL womyn are beautiful and you do not decide who a womyn is - stop hating womyn! - theterfs.com

8. Dude do you really need to stare at my body like you are masturbating over me in your mind? You think we gurls don't know this, and your creep factor just hit 10 out of 10, congratulations!

9. I wear what I want and that is NOT a sexual invitation to you dude. I don't know you. Stop being a psycho.

10. If you aren't a real man, then become one, because womyn who are hetro ONLY want real men. Real men NEVER harm womyn and protect ALL womyn. So do a PC check, Privilege Check because that is actually a very good thing, see South Park "Stunning And Brave", because they did get a lot right before getting so totally stoned off their faces.

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