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TERF is a hate crime
TERF (Trans-exclusionary radical feminism) hate transgender persons, this is not freedom of speech, it is a hate crime

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Case 1. TERF RMIT lecturer Caroline Norma and the ABC Religion and Ethics department hatred of transgender persons.

Case 2. TERF Seven Sisters Festival mea culpa

Case 3. "blackfacing" Transgender persons

Case 4. Midsumma Festival is against transgender human rights

Case 5. Pride In Diversity - does NOT represent me

List: Organisations that harm transgender persons

List: Organisations that help transgender persons

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Case 1. TERF RMIT lecturer Caroline Norma and the ABC Religion and Ethics department hatred of transgender persons.

Transgender hate speech is not freedom of speech, it is a hate crime.


The following article contains subject matter that may be a trigger, and is very upsetting.

TERF (Trans-exclusionary radical feminism) public hate speech article by Caroline Norma, an RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institue of Technology) lecturer and Amnesty Australia member, published and promoted by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Religion and Ethics department is online, giving forum to inciting transgender hate and violence.

Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf

Foto below: Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf, Rainbow Gurl film, music practice, Thursday 5 November 2015.

Foto below: Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf, Rainbow Gurl film, music practice, Thursday 5 November 2015.

Germaine Greer and Caroline Norma transgender hate.

Germaine Greer is recognised for her hatred of transgender persons:
The Australian Greens, Senator Janet-Rice

Caroline Norma is a lecturer in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies at RMIT University, and a member of Amnesty Australia:
RMIT contact details for Caroline Norma

Caroline Norma shares the views of Germaine Greer, that transgender persons are invalid human beings. That transgender persons should be publically dissected and ridiculed. That the life of a transgender person is a lesser life.

Germaine Greer and Caroline Norma hate transgender persons, which is their right. However, transgender hate speech is not freedom of speech, it is a hate crime.

Responding to Caroline Norma's article of 28 October 2015, supporting Germaine Greer's hatred of transgender persons, a womyn became suicidal, under the weight of the out pouring of hatred.

This is what Luna had to say in response to Caroline Norma's article.

"Luna Yee :

31 Oct 2015 3:06:28am

I am a trans girl.

I did not experience male socialization when I was younger. I experienced misogyny in its purest form: society attempting to purge any whisper of femininity from those whom it deemed male. I did not experience female socialization, you are right. Instead I experienced none. My entire existence was erased and invalidated, and all of that under the careful watch of the patriarchy. I contemplated suicide on a daily basis.

And now, my esteemed feminist leaders wish to do the same to me. Now I'm not a "sissy" who shames the patriarchy, but a "transgressor" on female ground and "usurper" of the culture. There is no place for me in this world, as each piece of the established gender binary has made clear now.

But at least I know now that if I commit suicide, I can make some people happy. Thank you all. You have helped me find solace. I love you, even if I disagree with your perspective. I love you for not loving me back. I know I don't.


There is no way to contact Luna to see if she is alright. She matters not to Caroline Norma, nor to the ABC online "Religion and Ethics" web page. Luna isn't a womyn, she is a lesser human being in the eyes of Germaine Greer and Caroline Norma, and the ABC "Religion and Ethics" staff and the staff at RMIT agree.

I disagree. I disagree very strongly. So strongly in fact that I am doing all I can to stand against this tide of hatred and it hurts. It hurts like hell, but if a person considers themselves in any way a decent human being, then one must stand up and be counted, whatever the cost.

As a transgender person, I would not feel welcome or safe studying at RMIT.

RMIT, a teritary institution based in Melbourne Australia supports the views of Caroline Norma. Views similar to Cardiff University, where students have taken action against Germaine Greer and transgender hate crimes, as Laura writes:


A university shouldn't host someone who spouts such hate speech as she has shown in the last few weeks (and previously).

The pastoral care of students is more important than any benefit her talking could bring. Young trans students shouldn't feel marginalised, threatened and dismissed by the university hosting someone with her views.

They should feel supported by the university taking a stand and refusing to host her. She will always have a platform because of her fame, it doesn't need to be at a university. This should not even be something the university is debating, there should be no need for this petition - if she was being racist, saying black people could do what they wanted, but they'd never be proper uk citizens and then talk about them using all sorts of profanities I bet the uni would be very quick to do something about it.

I don't know why this is any different."

Update: Thursday 14 January 2016, extract from a post by Kath of Melbourne.

"Opinions like those expressed by more powerful people than the suppressed minorities serve to keep those minorities suppressed. They help to ensure that such minorities continue to be part of the 'other' in society, which literally does place them at greater physical, mental and emotional risk.

To blithely claim that such people are simply 'choosing to take offence' in effect demonises them further. Calling people names does in fact cause significant levels of harm - or haven't you been part of the national conversation on bullying?

Expressing attitudes than can, and have been shown to, contribute towards suicide levels and physical violence against people is not just expressing an opinion that is intolerant - it is dangerous. Why is your 'right' to belittle people directly more important than the right of those people to live with dignity?"

My reply to Kath:

"Kath, thank you for your well thought out and presented views. The reality is that not all views constitute freedom of speech. One test is what harm such views do. The current grand standing by some in the media is more to do with their desire for attention by being outrageous on a matter that does NOT affect them in the slightest. They are media trolls and the low levels of media love this.

For those more aware of human diversity and human rights, there is no issue with persons being LGBTIQ.

Everyone needs to remember, transgender hate speech is NOT freedom of speech it is a hate crime.

People die from hate. Hate is a choice."

I Am Womyn

I myself am femyl, lesbian, a feminist, and I identify as being transgender. I am an artist, singer, song-writer, public performer. I have recently completed the soundtrack, original songs for my upcoming indy film, Rainbow Gurl, to be released in 2016.

IMDB: film pre-produiction, Rainbow Gurl

This is my song "I Am Womyn", which shares what it feels like to be me, to be born with the wrong body.
I Am Womyn - music video

These are the lyrics for "I Am Womyn"
I Am Womyn -lyrics

My Australian Passport has "Female" as my sex.

I unequivacally reject Germaine Greer and Caroline Norma public opinions that I be hated for being true to myself, being me, being femyl.

I am a womyn. I have suffered my whole life. My name is Chrisentiae, and I am not a lesser person because I am transgender.

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Case 2. TERF Seven Sisters Festival mea culpa

Australian Seven Sisters Festival, here in Melbourne my home, excluded womyn based on TERF philosophy. That promotes a narrowly defined definition of who a womyn is, a definition of their own making, which is in contradiction of the universal rights of all womyn and unlawful in Australia.

The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) News Department broke the story online, which resulted in widespread social media protests of revulsion at the TERF policies harming womyn who are typically already highly marginalised and vulnerable.

TERF philosophy is womyn bullying other womyn, because they think they can and get away with it - Germaine Greer is a leader among this WHW (womyn hating womyn) movement.

The initial reaction of Seven Sisters Festival was deleting hundreds of posts confirming the inalienable rights of all womyn, and many defending the rights of womyn were banned and silenced.

This led to even more protests and Seven Sisters Festival then threatened legal action, and vilified those defending the rights of all womyn to be treated with dignity and affirmation.

Posts were no longer being deleted at this stage, and the filth and vileness of TERF hatred was unleashed in full force. The hatred these womyn expressed for other womyn is nothing less that pathological.

Other media outlets were joining the revolution for that is what it was. A lot of womyn and some men, this is really a fight womyn owned, were beacons of light that we should all aspire to.

Legal action was mentioned and I initiated legal processes against Seven Sisters Festival and posted the same at their forum.

A few hours later, Seven Sisters Festival offered a mea culpa. It isn't known what happened.

My response to Seven Sisters and their mea culpa is below:


"Seven Sisters Festival welcomes all women, including: ... women of transgender"

Thank you.

I will cease the legal action in play against Seven Sisters.

I welcome Katie's appointment. This is a positive development. I'll be in touch.

"extend an apology to the transgender"

Love always forgive quickly ... speaking for myself, I forgive you.

It was a very hurtful experience but positive growth has resulted.

I think MichFest have something to learn from your example ... and it isn't too late for them. I NEVER give up hope for that which is good.

I do not know Kylee and her partner, however I am appreciative of the steps you have and are taking. I hope they choose to participate as that would be something positive.

I don't hold grudges, so for me, we are all good Seven Sisters.

I want to commend those at Seven Sisters who have addressed these matters with wisdom and compassion. We all make mistakes and it is how we move from there that is important.

Time to move on I think.


Chrisentiae xo


Seven Sisters Festival has never had an official policy regarding the participation of transgender and intersex women. However, it has been the philosophy and intent of the festival, since its first year, to welcome all women. Transgender and intersex women have attended past festivals.

Official policy is not represented in the published reply to Kylee which is cited by the media. Recent events have highlighted the significance of this omission and the necessity to address it. Therefore, the Seven Sisters team wish to issue its official policy regarding the participation of transgender and intersex women in the festival as follows:
Seven Sisters Festival welcomes all women, including: women of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD), women of transgender, intersex and diverse sexualities, women of diverse abilities, and women of diverse religious backgrounds and belief. Our position is one of full participation in what is a large, public event. We recognise the diversity of our community and will be working within a framework of affirmative action and self-determination.

We have employed a cultural, sexuality and gender advisor and we are consulting with various advocacy groups to ensure the festival is inclusive, welcoming, and safe for all.

Your assistance is also welcome in this important journey.

Suggestions can be forwarded to our 'Cultural, sexuality and gender advisor': katie@sevensistersfestival.com Our team, have contacted Kylee and her partner, seeking to apologise and we also wish to extend an apology to the transgender, intersex and seven sisters community for any duress and confusion we may have caused.

You can now find this statement officially on our website www.sevensistersfestival.com




I was originally really happy, but actions speak louder than words, and I am still banned from posting publically at their forum.

I contacted Seven Sisters Festival about my ban and I was ignored, no reply. I sent them a message through Facebook so I know they read it.

Being banned is contrary to their apology and I now doubt their integrity. I would not attend Seven Sisters Festival, they have been a TERF festival their entire existence, and nothing seems to have changed other than compliance with Australian law.

I would NOT recommend any womyn attend Seven Sisters Festival.

Yes womyn who identify as transgender can legally attend, for that is the law Seven Sisters Festival was breaking with their TERF philosophy, but as for being welcomed ... yeah right. Travel a long distance, pay hundreds of dollars to be enlightened by deep seated TERF philosophy, no thanks!

How many other womyn are still banned? Many it would seem, as all of a sudden familiar voices for the rights of womyn were no longer posting. A few token posts were "allowed", and this is what they were like before ... silencing womyn. What kind of festival experience would that be?

It seems that their apology is all for show, they don't mean it, so be warned.

How can you trust anyone who silences womyn voices?

Time for a new womyn only festival and without nameless, faceless organisers and owners ... who may be men!

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Case 3. "blackfacing" Transgender persons

Having cis males portray womyn who identify as transgender is no different to white people painting their faces black, pretending to be black ... it is offensive and sends the wrong message.

Joy 94.9 FM is a lesbian and gay, LGBTIQ affirming, radio station here in Melbourne, Australia. When I contacted them with my concerns below, they declined to act.

Joy 94.9 FM supports cis males in drag representing womyn who identify as transgender, because that is what The Danish Girl does, and they support that message.

Womyn who identify as transgender are NOT men and Joy 94.9 FM does not respect that.

Update: a femyl friend asked me about The Danish Girl, and this was my explanation, of why it is so wrong:

"The problem with the movie is this, womyn who are transgender ARE womyn ... with a penis, raised as a male. The actor playing a womyn is NOT a womyn. This promotes the distortion that trans womyn are MEN ... they, we, have NEVER been men or male. We are femyls raised as males because of our plumbing. They should have had a womyn play the role as a womyn. It would be like some dude playing the role of a lesbian ... it is just wrong. People like this because they don't understand and think trans womyn are somehow men ... not the case."


Sunday 3 January 2016


Re: Formal complaint about your association with Danish Girl


The Danish Girl is some hetro cis male pretending to be a womyn who is transgender.

Why don't you just follow that with white people painting their faces black and re-enacting what it is like to be an Australian Aboriginal in today's society?

Both are offensive! I expect better from a radio station that claims to be LGBTIQ friendly and affirmative!

You obviously have no understanding what it is to be transgender and what a positive message actually is ... here is a hint, it is NOT some MAN pretending to be a womyn ... womyn who are transgender are NOT men and the lead actor is so obviously a MAN !

Why can't you comprehend that or is it that you just don't care, or are you just plain ignorant of something you should be aware of?

The Danish Girl should have had a real womyn, a womyn identifying as transgender ... not some cis hetro dude! Not some dude in drag!

It is a caricature of womyn who are transgender, highly offensive, and insensitive, and yet here you are, latching onto something you seem to think promotes transgender persons ... well you are wrong. How can you be so ignorant?

Some dude in drag does NOT a womyn make ... you really need to disassociate yourself from this caricature of womyn who are transgender. You are showing you don't understand womyn who are transgender are REAL womyn, or worse that you just don't care.

Having a male play a womyn is highly offensive to actual womyn who are transgender and you really should NOT support such a stereotype. Why do I even have to explain something so obvious to you?

Yours sincerely,

Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf


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Case 4. Midsumma Festival is against transgender human rights

The Midsumma Festival board supports:

1. the medical harm of transgender persons, and
2. hate speech directed against transgender persons.

1. The Midsumma Festival board receives funding from vested medical interests that are opposed to the Informed Consent Model of transgender medical care, as supported by the findings of the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Vested medical interests seek to control transgender persons, sexually exploiting some womyn who identity as transgender and described as being "sadistic, traumatising and unprofessional".

Informed Consent Model - Transgender medical rights advocacy.

2. The Midsumma Festival board receives funding from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), who believe that it is freedom of speech to incite hatred against transgender persons. That transgender persons are invalid and have no right to dignity and respect.

Case 1. TERF RMIT lecturer Caroline Norma and the ABC Religion and Ethics department hatred of transgender persons.

In summary, The Midsumma Festival board is against transgender human rights. That they claim to be inclusive of transgender persons is a reflection of their dishonesty. Midsumma Festival supports the harming of transgender persons, and has done so for many years.

All attempts to reason with the Midsumma Festival board have been unsuccessful. Likewise, their financial sponsors do not care either that transgender persons are being actively harmed. Midsumma Festival and the Pride March, is very much a sham. Unfortunately.

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Case 5. Pride In Diversity - does NOT represent me

The money making business "Pride In Diversity" claims to educate organisations about transgender persons, as well as about other groups within the LGBTIQ community.

QUESTION 1: What Australian recognised qualifications do Pride In Diversity have to be able to do this?

Pride in Diversity claim that they are able to assess how affirmative and inclusive Australian organisations are of transgender persons.

QUESTION 2: Upon what grounds are Pride In Diversity competent to conduct these assessments?

Pride In Diversity state:
"In this year's survey, we broadened the definition to include those who are not only transgender but also those who identify as gender diverse, Bi-gender, Gender Queer, neither gender or both."

Transgender persons are femyl or male.
Gender diverse is undefined gender.
Bi-gender are persons who identify as femyl and male.
Gender Queer are persons whose gender is fluid, between femyl and male.
Neither gender are persons who identify and neither femyl or male.
Both is the same as bi-gender, per above. It appears Pride In Diversity have muddled themselves.

Combining these diverse groups is contradictory of the term "Pride In Diversity".

QUESTION 3: How many Transgender persons do Pride In Diversity employ?
QUESTION 4: How many Gender Diverse persons do Pride In Diversity employ?
QUESTION 5: What are Pride In Diversity sources about the issues that matter to Transgender persons?
QUESTION 6: Why do Pride In Diversity exclude the "Q", "Queer"? The correct term is LGBTIQ.
QUESTION 7: Are Pride In Diversity a LGBTIQ parasitic organisation?

I have NO confidence in Pride In Diversity, they do NOT speak for me, and they do NOT represent me ...

I am transgender.

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List: Organisations that harm transgender persons

There are a number of organisations that publicly claim to support transgender equality and human rights, but who actually harm transgender persons. This is my list of such hypocritical organisations:

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Religion and Ethics department online, giving forum to inciting transgender hate and violence.

ANZPATH - a parasitic charity claiming to be for transgender persons.

Prahran Market Clinic - refuse the Informed Consent Model of medical care, per the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Psychiatrist Fintan Harte - verbally sexually abuses and is "sadistic, traumatising and unprofessional".

Northside Clinic - refuse the Informed Consent Model of medical care, per the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Midsumma Festival Board 2014/15/16 - selling carnival stalls to organisations that harm transgender persons.

Peters Icecream - spokesperson Barry Humphries, a media troll who public hates transgender persons.

Pride in Diversity - a parasitic money making organisation claiming to represent transgender interests.

RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) - TERF staff publicly inciting transgender hate.

Seven Sisters Festival - a TERF culture of transgender intolerance and hate.

The Danish Girl film - having some privileged cis hetro dude prancing around as a drag queen. Womyn who are transgender are real womyn, not some drag act.

The Age online newspaper - giving forum to media trolls Germaine Greer and Barry Humpries rants about their hated of transgender persons.

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List: Organisations that help transgender persons

These organisations actually help transgender persons:

The Australian Greens, Senator Janet Rice. Webpage speaking against transgender hate speech.

The Australian Greens, Sam Hibbins MP. Correct gender definition per his Equal Opportunity Amendment (LGBTI Equality) Bill 2016.
LGBTI Equality Bill

Transgender Day of Remembrance - each 20th November.

Transgender Fallen

a candle fallen to hate
our uncompromisingly unique
our loved
beautiful sister
brave brother
taken from us
into the sunshine
our open hearts
always love

Poem by Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf
Friday 6 November 2015

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